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Debrianna's Flashy Sassafras         10"- 18 lbs

2 years

Sassy Aug 2019 - 10 months.jpg

10 months old

Sassy - 7.5 mths old.jpg

7.5 months old

8 weeks.jpg

Meet Sassy
          - the comic relief of the gang.

Sassy came to us from Alberta and her name was originally supposed to be Debrianna's Fair Maiden but after meeting her and having her settle in, it was quickly revealed that she needed a name better suited to her personality. Sassy loves to "talk back" when you speak to her, especially if you are correcting her. All that "sass" needed to be acknowledged and that is how she very quickly earned her new name ... Debrianna's Flashy Sassafras.

Sassy is temperament and personality +++ and we had high hopes for her in our breeding program but we were devastated to find out that she did not throw sound puppies and her puppies ended up rather large for the breed even when bred to smaller males. 

We tried breeding her twice but had her immediately spayed after the second litter. She is now officially the house clown and entertains us endlessly with her dance moves (two front feet together touching as she paws them up and down
) which she does while standing on her hind legs AND when she is laying on the floor on her back.

Although she was very young when she 'retired' (we do occasionally rehome unsuitable younger adults due to the age and adaptability, if we can) we just couldn't rehome her as she is such a fixture in our home. 

Sassy has a heart as big as the Grand Canyon and a love to match. 


Canine Diversity Analysis

Havanese Health Panel







Sassy's mom - BUNI

sassys sire 2018.jpg

Sassy's dad - CASH

7 weeks old

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