Some of our Previous Pups

Elated's Ebony Isabella "Bella"

She is so smart, show or tell her just a couple of times and she does it or knows it. She stops when told, sits, stays, fetches, drops and rings a bell to go out to go potty...such a well behaved puppy. She loves to be outside and she enjoys going for walks, which we do every day. She has had a few baths and I brush her every couple of days. She likes to be combed better than being brushed.

I also meant to mention that she sleeps at night with that gold bear that you gave me for her. She brings it out of her bed in the morning and then sometimes in the day she will lay down with her head on it and fall asleep.

I’m sure thankful that you didn’t keep her...can’t imagine life with out her now! Her and I are very attached to one an other, she is pretty much always at my side.


Take care


High River, AB

Thought I'd send you a little update on Mocha (Elsa)! She's now 6 1/2 months old and very playful and smart! She LOVES kids! Will look very alert when she hears a child's voice and run to them when she sees them! My kids absolutely love her! My daughter carries her around like a baby, and my son runs and chases her in our yard! Mocha loves to chew on shoes and play fetch. We are currently going to Puppy Socialization classes where she steals the show with her cuteness! A number of people (almost everywhere we go) comment on how cute she is, and I've given out your contact info several times! Mocha just had her first haircut- what a difference! I think she was shocked herself at her lack of hair! Lol she's a wonderful dog and we are enjoying her very much! I hope her siblings are doing well too!

Dauphin, Manitoba

Elated Elsa "Mocha"
Elated Elliot

Here is a recent photo of Buddy, he's doing really well and loves to sprint around in the yard.



Edmonton, Alberta

Elated Ellie
Stavley, Alberta
Elated Emma 
Estevan, Saskatchewan
Elated's Ember

Jane, I hope you don’t mind one more email but I have to comment that my little baby is the most well-socialized puppy I have ever met. She is such a confident girl, super affectionate yet independent and so so smart. You and your husband are to be commended and if you ever want a recommendation on your website I am more than willing to do so. I feel very lucky. Patti

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