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My husband and I met at a dog shelter (I was working there when he came in for an interview, he likes to say he "picked me up at the pound" - lol). I had already been working with animals for some time at that point but that was his introduction to working with animals on a professional basis. That was in 1978. We were married early in 1980 and there has been no turning back since - animals are an integral part of our lives. I was born into a house with animals and have worked with animals all my life - all kinds of animals; domestic and wild; sick, injured and healthy - and MY future will never be without them --- ever. 


We started breeding Border Terriers in 2003 and have had the pleasure of adding a lot of love (furry love) to many people's homes. We screen our potential buyers carefully not to discriminate, but because our dogs/pups mean the world to us and while we wish every body had a dog to love, some people's lives just don't mesh with our breeds. We dont raise commodities, we raise family members.


In 2013, we decided to shift our breed focus to the Havanese which I had been researching for some time. While we still love our Border Terriers alot, they are a very energetic breed and as our age, health and physical conditions change, we are starting to slow down and the Havanese is a much better fit for us.


We have spent the past few years carefully selecting our initial breeding stock and are looking forward to seeing their little ones running about the house. Look for puppies to come periodically!

About us

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People ask us about the names we give our pups. Our naming convention follows the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation tattoo year letters. In this way, we will always be able to know which year each puppy we have was born. 

















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