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Coat Restoration

Chica had a litter of four puppies on December 15, 2018 and raised them accordingly. During that time, she "blew her coat" (lost a lot of hair, the condition and health of the remaining hair deteriorated while all the nutrition she took in went to her pups instead of herself). Wanting to show her in the summer of 2019, I consulted a hair salon professional and am starting a restorative product on her coat for a period of treatments, bathing her approximately once a week during this period of time. Here are the results. Each photo is taken immediately after her bath.

Treatment #1 - Feb 9
Feb 9-19.jpg
Treatment #3 - Feb 23
Feb 23-19.jpg
Treatment #5 - Mar 21
March 21-19.jpg
Treatment #7 - Apr 7
April 7-19.jpg
Treatment #2 - Feb 16
Feb 16-19.jpg
Treatment #4 - Mar 9
website - Mar 9-2019 hair treatment #4.j
Treatment #6 - Mar 31
Treatment #8 - Apr 22
APR 22-19 -  website.jpg
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