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MartinsEE Amarissa     10 1/8" - 11 lbs

Amarissa Apr 27  - 2.jpg

7 years old

amarissa aug 2019.jpg

6 years old

Amarissa with pups.jpg

3 years old

Meet Amarissa
          - the "Queen" of all she surveys.

Amarissa (formerly named Hannah by the breeder) was a belly rub FIEND from the moment she could stand on her tiny puppy legs. To this day, that has not changed and when you reach to pet her, before you can even touch her, she rolls over for her belly rub.

Amarissa was our very first Havanese and from the moment she arrived, she demanded to be treated like the princess she thinks she is.

Amarissa is, and has always been, very particular and discerning with her affection. In that regard, she is not your typical Havanese who loves the world - no questions asked. However, once she get settled around newcomers, the affection is there.

Amarissa has given us many litters of joy over the years, including several show/breeding prospect pups, and started enjoying her retirement at age 8. 

She is
older now and enjoys lazing around the house and loves her high bed (ours!) where she can lay on her very own pillow and look out over the property to keep an eye on things outside as well.

Amarissa has always been a "Daddy's Girl" and as he is also retired, they are a match made in heaven.


Canine Diversity Analysis

Havanese Health Panel






Amarissa's mother         HALEY

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