Visiting and Puppy Pickup By Appointment

PLEASE NOTE that your deposit will guarantee you a pup (your choice if possible) however, anyone purchasing with an OPEN REGISTRATION will have PICK OF THE LITTER


Our pups will come with the following:​

  • 5 generation pedigree (available if requested)

  • 2 year Limited Congenital Health Guarantee (when fed a superior dog food)

  • Puppy Starter Pack

  • Current vaccination(s) / vet health check

  • Complete deworming cycle

  • Microchip

  • Lifetime support from the Breeder


  • CKC Registration Certificate

  • Six Weeks FREE pet insurance courtesy of PetSecure

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We have unfortunately have had two of our pups returned (as per our contract) and will be considering rehoming them if we can find the right home. Both have emotional needs that must be met and the home situation must be such that it compliments their personalities.

LEELA (left): Unspayed Female born 7 Aug 2021. Mom & Dad are pictured below both on the left. Leela is an Alpha female and tries to dominate other dogs. She needs a kind but firm hand and would do well with a large, passive canine for company or human company only if someone is home all day. Because of her alpha nature, she could be a challenge to take for walks or go places like doggie day-care or dog parks (we do NOT recommend dog parks for any dogs). She will have to be spayed within 3 months or earlier once keeping her is established. We have tried to place her before so will be very specific with her needs and her new owners experience level before placing her.

IZZY (right): Neutred Male born 31 October 2021. Mom & Dad are pictured below both on the right. Izzy is an 'eager to please' young man who is going through his teenage years. He is also considerably "over-sized" for a Havanese. Mom, Dad and sister Nessa (who we have kept) are all regular sized and we did parent test him to confirm mom and dad so nothing hinky going on there. Izzy enjoys outside a lot, is very energetic and like the company of all the dogs here (he came from a '1-cat only' home). He needs lots of attention and guidance and rules while he continues to develop. I think he would do very well in a home with busy school-aged children but he hasn't been with any yet.

Both dogs fully vaccinated. They are crate-trained at night but left loose during the day if we have to step out. They eat well on dry kibble with daily treats. If you think you might be suitable for one of these precious souls, please contact us and let's talk about them. There will be an 'adoption' fee but disregard our puppy pricing information on the side.

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$2000 ~ PET contract

(spay/neuter required)

& OPEN contracts

may be available

to select individuals


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