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Visiting and Puppy Pickup By Appointment

PLEASE NOTE that your deposit will guarantee you a pup (your choice if possible) however, anyone purchasing with an OPEN REGISTRATION will have PICK OF THE LITTER

Sable & White FEMALE - Born June 21 - 7 oz

Elated's Kekoa (Kee-KOAH) - called KEKO
"SHE" is a female (disregard the photos)

This little girl had a delayed and rough entry into the world. Her momma didn't look after her. She was fostered and her new siblings picked on her. She has started her new life having to fight for everything so we named her "the warrior" to help her along her way (nature would have culled her but we persevered and preserved a life).  KEKOA means “the warrior” and “brave one” (from Hawaiian “ke” = the + “koa” = warrior). She is growing, albeit VERY slowly, and we anticipate that she will be on the smaller side for a Havanese.  She also seems to be developmentally slower as well (similar to an autistic child) and we'll be assessed regularly as she grows. She needs a special someone with a loving soul and a huge heart to champion her and love her for who she is. She needs someone who understands that beauty comes from within. She will never have the full potential of the average Havanese. Do you want someone unique and individual? ARE YOU HER SPECIAL SOMEONE?

Keko Kylie Karina oct 2023_edited.jpg

 KEKO  (fully vaccinated)

    Pictured here at 4 months of age. She is currently 5 months old and weighs 4 lb 12 oz. She is very similar to an autistic child in behaviour & mannerism. We are still researching.

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